February 2020 Newsletter

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Cartograph News Review-building Strategies In effort to combat incentivized reviewing, Amazon has been quietly replacing previously acceptable solicitation methods with Amazon-standardized templates and wording. In the past, Seller Central accounts were allowed to send customized and branded emails to purchasers asking for a review of the product. Prior to being cancelled, we saw a steep decline in effectiveness over the last 12 months as Amazon has allowed shoppers to opt out of all such communications. A “Request a Review” button was rolled out at the end of Q4 2019, which sends a review request from Amazon to the buyer. This is only available for the 4 to 30 days after the order delivery date. The language and format are standardized by Amazon and is translated into the customer’s preferred language.

A screenshot taken from Seller Central after selecting the “Request a Review” button.

The VINE program, previously available only on Vendor Central, has also been rolled out to Seller Central for any product with under 30 reviews. The program pulls product from FBA inventory to VINE reviewers. It’s free to enroll, and brands only need to pay for the product and shipping. VINE should be considered for use in lieu of the early reviewer program to quickly get products retail-ready.

Amazon News Amazon Go Official Launch Amazon just launched its first full-size Amazon Go Grocery store, which offers fresh produce and groceries in one of the first cashier-less grocery experiences available in the US. All items are priced individually, allowing consumers to walk out the door without needing to stop and weigh product. It carries a range of products – national brands, private label snacks, wine, packaged seafood, and meal kits.

Changes to FBA fees Amazon FBA fees for shipping and labeling increased on February 18, 2020. Shipping fees increased $0.10-$0.20 at every tier and the labeling fee increased from $0.20 to $0.30. This is in line with increases typically seen from logistics companies, and additionally driven by higher costs from programs like one- day delivery. A full list of fee increases can be found here.

Search Trends on Amazon Alternative diets (keto, paleo, Whole30) are traditionally over-represented on Amazon Grocery, but it looks like that trend may be slowing. January trends for these keywords are showing much more subdued lifts compared to past years. While this could indicate consumers are moving to new products, it’s also possible that consumers are searching for Branded keywords now that general awareness for these diets have increased.

Searches for the keyword “paleo”

Products We Love Zitsticka

We’re hiring! The Cartograph team is looking for people passionate about e-commerce, Amazon, and the Natural channel to join our team. We currently have two openings, ideally Austin-based:

  • Business Development & Sales Leader (Director / VP level) – help us find new brands to work with!

  • Hybrid Staff Accountant & HR Admin – manage accounting, payroll, employee & client onboarding, and financial reporting. Please reach out to careers@cartograph.com for more information on opportunities to join us!

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