Observations on Amazon amidst COVID-19 - Dropship Guide

The last week on Amazon has had fewer changes compared to prior weeks. Depending upon category, we're seeing additional slight down trends on sales. Promotions are still suspended, and shipping is still delayed on many products though these ship delays generally end in the next 10 days.

Instead of a newsletter, we've instead organized our thoughts on setting up Dropship on Amazon. With out of stock issues, and fulfillment network issues, it's something lots of brands have been exploring. We've spoken about this a lot recently, and believe that it's only going to increase in importance this year, especially for perishables brands.

Dropship Guide

Some highlights:

  • A typical dropship margin waterfall

  • Ways to improve margin on dropship, including creative packaging

  • Options for perishables

As always, please reach out if you have any questions!

Cartograph Leadership Team

Chris Moe and Jonathan Willbanks

Co-founders, Cartograph


Cartograph is an eCommerce focused agency that helps food brands sell their products on Amazon. Their mission is to help brands grow products that are better for people and the planet. They support brands with strategy, pricing, SEO, advertising, and operations and logistics. Cartograph is based in Austin, TX.

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