Really good Amazon knowledge has about a _ month shelf life

Spolier alert - really good Amazon knowledge has about a three-month shelf life.

 So that's why we manage the day to day of your Amazon business so you don’t have to.

The Cartograph Offering

We design a custom solution for each of our partners to succeed on Amazon.

Our expertise, tools, and strategic roadmap maximize brand and sales impact.


High level of engagement - "first 90 days intensive"


Operations and fulfillment strategy

Content & listing

High service level - dedicated account manager

What we look for in brand partners

We choose brand partners with differentiated products that we believe can find rapid success on Amazon.

In addition, we look for teams ready to dedicate resources and effort to success on the platform.

  • Product line with the ability to do $1MM sales in Year 1

  • Products that can be sold profitably online

  • Brand team ready to dedicate effort and investment

  • Differentiated, high quality products aligned with our mission

  • Financial stability and/or outside investment

We deliver value by following our playbook

We have developed a very specific strategy for brands to grow rapidly on Amazon. This project has a number of component parts, which at times requires heightened operational focus. Due to the nature of Amazon’s “king of the hill"-style algorithms, it is essential that every component is executed and the full recipe preserved. We seek brand partners committed to seeing out the full execution of this strategy.

Hybrid 1p/3p approach

Inventory allocation

Pricing strategy

New product rollout

Amazon marketing spend